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Messaging - Sending files with email templates

There are two ways to send files in emails -- either via attachment or by including a link to the file in the email. We don't currently support attachments on emails because we've seen issues with deliverability with attachments -- emails going to spam folders more often, etc.

Instead, we've got the ability to upload files to your account so you can include links in the email.

The easiest way to do this is to use the Upload button when composing the template. If you upload an image, it will display directly in the email. If you upload a different kind of file, such as PDF, it will embed a link in the email that the guest can click to load the file.

You can also upload a file to your account's Files section and then reference it separately in your email. Here's how you do that:

First, go to the files section in your account and upload a file:

Once the file is uploaded, go into Actions and use Copy Public Link to copy a public link to the file:

Then, in the email template, use the link or chains button to create a link to the file:‚Äč

Put the link in the Url box and the text you want to show on the page in the "Text to display" box.

But, I don't like that ugly URL!

By default, when a file is uploaded into OwnerRez' servers, it's given a random name and location something like this:


This works, but sometimes you want something a little nicer-looking - and, if you are using the OwnerRez Hosted Website service, there's a way to do it.

  1. Go to Settings > Hosted Websites, and select the site with the domain name you want to use.
  2. On the main Settings screen for the website, select the green Redirects tab.
  3. Create a Redirect and choose a type of Exact Match.
  4. In the From field next to your domain name, enter a nicer name for your file.  Do not put any spaces in the name though.
  5. Select the "Custom URL" option, and in the adjacent field, enter the full ugly URL from the Copy Public Link above.

  6. Save your changes.  You can now use the nicer name, at your own domain name, as the URL for your file.  It'll automatically be forwarded to the right place.

And, if later you want to update the file to a new version, you can do that while retaining the same friendly link:

  1. Upload a new file, which will have its own ugly Public Link URL.
  2. Use Copy Public Link (as above) to get the full ugly URL.
  3. Edit the redirect, and change the value in the "Custom URL" option to point to the new URL.  Wherever you've used the pretty name in the From field, will automatically be linked to the updated version of your file at the new ugly URL.