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API Integrations - Connecting OwnerRez to Houfy API

OwnerRez has partnered with Houfy to provide an integrated API connection between the two systems.  This allows OwnerRez users to more easily handle their listings and bookings.

Our integration pushes listing content, rates, availability, and rules to Houfy. They will send you inquiries via email and then you can quote the guests and have them reserve directly through OwnerRez.


To get the integration process started:

  1. Under Settings > API Integrations > Connect a Channel, select Connect Houfy API.
  2. Make sure properties are marked Included on the Properties tab.
  3. Use the Change Property Mappings button on the Properties tab, and enter the Houfy listing number for each OwnerRez property
  4. Set the inquiry email address on Houfy to use your entire account inquiry forwarding address.  This can be found here. 
  5. Run the Tools > Listing Quality Analyzer tool and fix any errors found. There are also info and warning items for improvement, but there should be no remaining errors to proceed with the integration.
  6. Contact support at:
    And request API integration with OwnerRez.

iCal calendar imports

If you are using the Houfy API connection, you do not need any iCal calendar imports from Houfy. If you already have them set up, disable them - otherwise you'll get infinite loops and ghost blocks you can't get rid of.