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Properties - Bookings Display for Cleaners

As your rental business grows, eventually you'll find that you need other people to help - cleaners, repairmen, and other maintenance staff.  They need to know when guests are arriving and departing, and when your properties will be empty.  They need access to your calendar, and to some information about the bookings.  But not all of it - they don't need the guests' contact information, and certainly not the billing data!

OwnerRez provides several ways to keep cleaners up to date:

Custom Cleaner iCals

We fully support iCal integration (which works with Google Calendar) so you can create a custom calendar export for one of your OwnerRez properties.  This is done in Properties > (select the property) > Calendars > Calendar Export.  Once you've created the custom calendar by clicking the Export Calendar button, you can then share its URL with the cleaner.  The cleaner would then "import" or "add" the OwnerRez iCal feed to their Google Calendar which would automatically show them all your bookings as they came or went.

When you click the Export Calendar button, or edit an existing custom calendar export, you'll see this option selection screen.

The Full Description option includes a Party line that shows the detailed adults, children, and pets numbers for the booking.


  • This method has a separate calendar export for each property, which allows you to use different cleaners for different properties and give each one only the access that they need.
  • If you change the settings on an existing calendar export, your calendar viewing client at the other end (e.g. Google Calendar) may not update immediately, or, if you removed data, the data previously revealed may not ever be removed.  You have to remove the calendar URL and then add it back again to force a full update.

Portal Access

We offer a Portal Access capability, where you can give housekeepers a special login that allows them to see the calendar and some notes/guest contact info based on the permissions you set.

Note that Portal Access is part of the Property Management premium feature.

Custom Trigger Emails

You can create a trigger email in OwnerRez that sends a customized email template (that you create) which only shows the departure day. Something like "Guest departing tomorrow (May 14)" which is sent 1 day before departure, or one that sends immediately when the booking is created.  This would notify the cleaner when a guest is departing so they know the property needs to be cleaned.

Third Party Alerts

We have a hard-coded "Third Party Alert" feature where you can put in cleaner's name/email address and the system will automatically email them every time a booking is created, canceled or changes dates. It does not give them guest details, only the dates. To set this, go to Properties > (select the property) > Third Party Alerts.

Stays Report

In the Reports area, we have a Stays report that shows you at any given time who is there (arriving, departing, staging). You can print/email this to cleaners as often as needed.