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Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

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Replies: 16 - Pages: 1 - Last Reply: Oct 1, 2021 6:44 PM by: Chris Hynes
Registered: 5/17/20
Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Hello there,

Are there any plans to implement submitting automatic Airbnb reviews for guests?

This would help us a lot.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Chris L
Registered: 5/17/17
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

I've recently read about third-party solutions that do this, but it would sure be nice to have in OR itself. Does the AB API support this, or are these other solutions using screen-scrapers?

Ideally, I'd like it to default to leaving 5* reviews on a certain configurable time after check-out to give my cleaners time to inspect the property and notify me of any issues unless I go into the booking and tick an option "not a 5* guest" (where it will then not leave the automatic review and instead let me do so manually).

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

We do have plans to add some automation around reviews, but you've got to be careful of the Airbnb TOS here too -- "all reviews must be written by the owner" etc.

Registered: 3/26/20
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for looking into this.

We are currently using Smartbnb to handle automated reviews for Airbnb so would be awesome to be able to have that in Owner Res so we can drop that software.

We write all our reviews and save them and then have Smartbnb choose one to send for us.

Smartbnb has bad review feature that I hope you guys can incorporate as well.

With that you can mark a potential bad guest and it will delay sending that review until the very last minute to give us time to handle the guest.

Scott and Heidi

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Yep, this is in the works now, but no ETA yet.

Michael D
Registered: 10/19/19
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Yes, we also use Smartbnb just for the automated review function now that I switched to OR. So I'm voting with my money since I'm willing to spend extra money for this feature by keeping the SBB subscription.

Pedro T
Registered: 11/15/17
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

This is desperately needed. Your AirBnB offering is close now with in-channel messaging integration. Auto Reviews are nearly all that's missing.

Ozark Stays
Registered: 8/19/20
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Did this ever happen or is it still in the works?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Still in the queue, I'm afraid. :-(

Fabian Z
Registered: 11/29/20
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Please add this. Literally waiting 2 hours before going to bed so I can review a bad guest on the last minute.

Linda H
Registered: 4/23/21
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

I use Smartbnb now for reviews and one of the huge benefits is on bad reviews. If a guest had a big party or some big issue and they see that you have done a review they will likely respond and often also with a bad review. In Smartbnb, you can choose bad review and they then hold the review until the end of the timeframe allowed to post so the guest then doesn't see it until it is too late for them to respond. It would be great if this feature is also included once automated reviews are possible in OwnerRez.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Yep, the review window feature will definitely be included once we get the automatic reviews developed!

Matthew H
Registered: 2/13/19
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

I, too, am using SmartBNB (Hospitable now) just for the automated reviews.

1. I agree, the "bad reviews" feature is the killer feature. If I think I'm going to get a bad review, I definitely don't want to post my review any sooner than 1 minute before the review period ends. I don't want the guest to get an email from Airbnb saying, "Matthew wrote a review about you, write your own review to find out what he wrote".

2. It would be very nice to be able to write the bad review before the stay ends, or at least to be able to suppress the default positive review. I've currently got a guest on a 30-day stay who was extremely obnoxious in the first 24 hours. With SmartBNB I can't write my review until after the stay ends.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

At the risk of opening myself up to a lot of questions... We have this built and it is actively in testing as I write this. Both auto-reviews and other things around it. You will not need to use SmartBNB (Hospitable) any longer after this update goes out. 🤠

Registered: 4/20/21
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Yay, can't wait for this feature to be rolled out soon! Was just debating if I needed to re-sign up for SmartBnb/Hospitable for this feature.

While we're on the topic... the other SmartBnB feature that I miss (that OwnerRez doesn't have) is the ability to send a message on the 2nd day saying "checking in to see how your stay is going", only to guests who have stays longer than 1 day (ie, to set length of stay as a factor in whether the message gets sent, and then send it on the 2nd day... because guests with stays of only 1 night would already be checking out at this point). Would love to see this feature in OwnerRez as well :)

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

You actually can do that second message trigger already ;-) -- here's how:

1) Create an "at a scheduled time" type trigger 1 day after arrival

2) Go down to the Booking Fields and add a booking criteria for number of nights >= 2

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