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Jackie N
Registered: 9/6/16
Payment Schedules

Perhaps this exists so please inform me if so! I have many guests who are on payment plans and who also pay by check (yes, they and I remain old-fashioned in that regard!). I would love to be able to capture their payment plans, including due dates and amounts due, so I can more easily track it using OwnerRez reports (as these would be fields I could download to Excel).

The only way I see to schedule a payment now is if the guest is paying by credit card AND that credit card info is on file. As noted above, not all my guests pay by credit card and not all use Stripe (I've had several who insist on PayPal because they already have PayPal accounts - so I don't receive their cc info).

Thanks for any insights!

Jackie N.

Dennis Duff
Registered: 4/10/17
Re: Payment Schedules

Hi Jackie, Did you ever receive an answer to this question? I have the same one. A guest wanting to do a payment schedule while I only see a way to allow for 2 payments (the deposit + balance due). Would LOVE to know the solution.
Warmest Regards,
Pamela on behalf of Dennis Duff

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Payment Schedules

Wow, that's an old one!

So there's way to automatically set up a payment schedule with more than two payments yet. But you can do it manually after the booking has been made if, like Jackie said, it's a credit card booking.

To do that, set up the quote for the first payment. The second payment referred to in the quote will be the final payment for remaining balance due. Then once the booking has been created, go to the Transactions tab and schedule the additional charges.

Chris B
Registered: 4/26/18
Re: Payment Schedules

Will this be an option in the future? Most of my guests use checks. Is there a way to apply the payments they send me? We have been requiring a 15% deposit and the security fee at the initial booking, then people just send us payments as long as they have everything paid 6 weeks in advance of arrival. Sorry if I’m asking something I haven’t seen yet. I’m on my trial and just setting everything up.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Payment Schedules

Yep, it will be an option in future.

And you can apply payments at any time -- they don't have to be scheduled. For payments like checks that are handled outside of OwnerRez, go to the Transactions tab of the booking, click the Payment menu, and do a Record Payment.

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