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Cancellation Policy tracking

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Chuck K
Registered: 10/19/19
Cancellation Policy tracking

In these days, when some of us may be tweaking cancellation policies to try and fill the huge voids in our calendars, it occurred to me, more than once now as cancellations continue to come in, that it would be nice to know under what policy a booking was made. It seems trivial to pull that out of the property description and drop it into the booking record.

Theoretically the rental agreement kind of does this, but I have to go into the booking email and then determine which agreement was included for them to sign at the time. That is a bit laborious.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Cancellation Policy tracking

Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. On each booking > Legal tab, it should show the renter agreement that was signed with a copy of the PDF archived there.

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