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Auto tags or by trigger

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Chuck K
Registered: 10/19/19
Auto tags or by trigger

It would be nice to automatically add tags based on some action. Examples could be:

On NEW BOOKING add tag ["Needs Parking Pass"] to booking

On NEW BOOKING add tag ["Needs ID"] to guest only for no tag "ID on file"

On NEW INQUIRY add tag ["Needs ID"] to guest

On change in booking add tag ["Needs new Agreement"]

On NEW BOOKING where nights > 7 add tag ["Hot tub clean needed"] to booking

I can think of many other examples, both simple and more complicated, that would automate some functions and also give users very fine control over tasks/issues that may be unique to our own situations.

Seems to me if we could handle TAGS the same way we can handle Templates, it could work pretty well. Then we could setup OTHER triggers based on the tags that are auto-added or removed.

New BOOKING contains tag ["Hot tub clean needed"] send template "Hot Tub Clean needs to be scheduled" to hottub@property.com

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