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Trip insurance question / cleaning fee / sec dep

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Trip insurance question / cleaning fee / sec dep

I do not use credit card hold as sec dep - instead I have a sec dep surcharge and I later refund ( i just feel safer having money in hand rather than a cc auth). But with that, when trip insurance is calculated, it is applied to the amount of sec dep as well.

Ideally I would think that trip insurance should not be applied to sec dep or the cleaning fee amount, as if guest does not show up, there is nothing to clean. I had a couple of cancellations with insurance on VRBO in the past, and how it works is you refund sec dep and cleaning fee, and the insurance takes care of the rest ( rent plus tax balance).
The reason I am asking is the amount due of trip insurance is overstated when sec dep and cleaning fee is figured in.

Chris Hynes
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Re: Trip insurance question / cleaning fee / sec dep

Yep, that makes sense. We've got plans to add a feature for refundable secdeps so they are treated like the auths and don't factor into the total. Once that's in place, the travel insurance would automatically take that into account.

Cleaning fees are a little more case by case, as some may not refund those on cancellations, or depending on timing, but at least it would be good to get the secdep factored out.

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Re: Trip insurance question / cleaning fee / sec dep

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