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Marina's Edge
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I noticed in the listing sites under settings you have AirBnB. How do I set up airbnb to email OwnerReservations? Do I modify my primary email on ownerreservations to the inquiry email to OwnerReservations? Will this allow me to communicate through ownerreservations with the client or will I have to communicate through the AirBnB site?

Thanks in advance.


Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: AirBnB

We don't have full Airbnb support yet, but it's something we're investigating. We added that system listing site as a way to manually tag inquiries and bookings to Airbnb for conversion tracking. For now, you still need to communicate through the Airbnb site.

We're planning to add support for walled gardens like Airbnb and FlipKey payments so inquiries will come in to OwnerRez and you can respond and manage them like other inquiries. You won't be able to send quotes or accept payments through OwnerRez since Airbnb and FlipKey do that through their system, but once this is done you'll be able to communicate through OR and have inquiries and bookings automatically created rather than having to work in their sites directly like you do now.

I don't have an ETA on that feature yet, but I'll keep you posted as things get closer.

Craig D
Registered: 3/23/18
Re: AirBnB

Any updates on this?

Greg S
Registered: 3/3/18
Re: AirBnB

I'm also curious, since I noticed an Airbnb Channel. However, when I went to set it up, it looks like it's just the same thing that already existed (calendar sync) and there's no added functionality. Am I wrong?

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: AirBnB

Hi Greg,

We now have a Channel Bridge tool that allows you to bring in Airbnb booking information (guest, contact, charges, payments) quickly after a booking is imported into OwnerRez. It works for both VRBO and Airbnb. Read here about the Channel Bridge overview:


And how to install it here:


We are constantly adding more support to this and our goal is to surface buttons inside of OwnerRez directly so that you the Channel Bridge functionality will happen automatically. Bookings will update several times per day with you having to press the Channel Bridge buttons. However, even right now, it is far faster to use the Channel Bridge files than the manual CSV files from the VRBO interface.

We are also working on direct channel integration with HomeAway and Air but it's a lengthy process and only applies to PM users (those with more than 5 properties). So even after those partnerships are in place, our Channel Bridge tool will be the primary tool for non-PM users.

We also have an rate push for Airbnb that pushes your OwnerRez rates into Airbnb automatically, but this feature is only available to limited users in a beta group. Send an email in requesting info about this if you'd like to try it.

PS. If you run Channel Bridge to bring in information for a booking that already had charges/payments entered, make sure to use the "overwrite" option when importing from Channel Bridge.

Casa By The Sea
Registered: 2/22/19
Re: AirBnB

I just setup my Airbnb and it does not push rates out. Does it not push rates for airbnb? I can't find anything I have done wrong on the setup.

Registered: 6/6/16
Re: AirBnB

It does. You need to enable channel management for that

Paul W
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Re: AirBnB

Go into Settings > Channel Connections > connect Airbnb synced channel if you haven't already. Then in the AIrbnb channel settings, look down at the property mappings. Make sure each OwnerRez property is mapped to a Airbnb listing #. After that's done, use the Actions > Push Rates link on each property. Yes, it's one by one for now. We'll be making that a bulk process for all properties soon and we want to make it background update as well. One step at a time.

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