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General Help and Questions » Owner Statements

Hi Ricardo, Owner Statements currently support grouping bookings and expenses by Property for this very reason.  You can enable that per statement if you use the built in statement views, or …

(Posted 2 days ago)

General Help and Questions » Book Direct triggered email

Hi Celia, I've tested this merge field and it appears to be functioning correctly on my test account. Could you write into the help desk ( mailto:help@ownerreservations.com help@ownerreservat…

(Posted Sep 26, 2022 3:01 PM)

General Help and Questions » Calendar imports/exports for Airbnb not working

Airbnb had an issue with their iCals yesterday which should now be fixed. Try reactivating your Airbnb iCal import if you need it. Regarding the validation, unfortunately, this is what we usually…

(Posted Sep 22, 2022 2:51 PM)

Feature Requests » Payment Types for Security Deposit

The radio options shown in your screenshot only apply to booking payments.  Security deposits only support Credit Cards, since only credit cards provide the necessary level of automation for auto…

(Posted Sep 21, 2022 11:32 AM)

General Help and Questions » Beyond Pricing - Will it charge on all rentals

The Beyond Pricing integration is completely maintained and supported by Beyond Pricing. I'm not sure how exactly they calculate your subscription fees. As an OAuth app, you grant them access to see …

(Posted Aug 31, 2022 10:00 AM)

General Help and Questions » Airbnb rejecting links?

Hi Fabian, Yep, we're seeing this pretty widespread today. We've opened a ticket with Airbnb to figure out what's going on.

(Posted Jul 12, 2022 11:24 AM)

Feature Requests » Touch Stay sending Guide Book URL back to Owner Rez

Our recommendation is to put the unique TouchStay link in a custom field on the Booking, and the generic one in a custom field on the Property. This way you can embed a generic link in property descr…

(Posted Jul 12, 2022 10:27 AM)

Feature Requests » Unique titles for each OTA

Yes, we've seen many use cases for defining separate headlines and/or descriptions for each OTA. We're planning to release a new feature to support that. We're really close, but I can't give an ETA.

(Posted Jul 12, 2022 10:12 AM)

Blog Comments » Last 4 of Phone for Door Code, Auto-Create Listing Sites, Cleaning Fees on Statements, Charge Snapshots, Delayed Code Generation

Thank you for the update. I just tried the dor code 3- digit segmentation and it still left the last digit but its lonesome. 034-408-882-3. Now trying 4 digit segmentation:) by /forums/users/3473245…

(Posted Jun 23, 2022 2:38 PM)

General Help and Questions » Resetting automated emails when the reservation moves

That's a great suggestion, and we may add that as well. We're also looking into whether it makes sense to automatically reset any triggers when the booking dates change. This will require some resear…

(Posted Jun 2, 2022 12:26 PM)

General Help and Questions » What is the criteria OR uses to label a guest as Repeat?

We added guest auto-merge back in October of 2021. You can read about that in the https://www.ownerreservations.com/blog/guests-automerge-better-security-deposit-report-channel-property-mappings-mor…

(Posted May 27, 2022 7:48 AM)

Feature Requests » API Endpoint for Rooms?

Unfortunately, our API does not yet expose rooms. I will move this topic to the Feature Request forum so other users can vote on it.  Feel free to write in to our help desk ( mailto:help@ownerres…

(Posted May 26, 2022 1:34 PM)

Developer Community » Why did I get webhook failure mail repeatedly?

If you are receiving failure notifications, it means that we have tried to reach out to your webhook endpoint (configured on your OAuth App) but are unable to send the requested webhook data to you. …

(Posted May 26, 2022 12:15 PM)

Blog Comments » Delay Negative Reviews on Airbnb, Expense Categories, Channel Transparency, Theme Cleanup

I believe the Policies tab is only visible on Airbnb and Vrbo channel integrations at this time.

(Posted Apr 12, 2022 12:31 PM)

Blog Comments » Delay Negative Reviews on Airbnb, Expense Categories, Channel Transparency, Theme Cleanup

Hi Scott, To access the channel dashboard, go to " https://secure.ownerreservations.com/settings/channels Settings > API Integrations" and click on any channel. The new Policies tab should be vis…

(Posted Apr 12, 2022 12:19 PM)

General Help and Questions » Expiration Date

Hi Matt, You can find the Quote Expiration under Defaults on the Property > Rules page.

(Posted Mar 14, 2022 5:22 PM)

Feature Requests » Check-In & Out Allowed Days

Has this feature been released yet? I'd like to disallow guests from checking out on Saturdays.  by /forums/users/347386257 Hostfolio – Mar 9, 2022 7:13 PM (UTC) You can already disable Saturday…

(Posted Mar 9, 2022 2:16 PM)

Feature Requests » Cleaning Service Expense Date

Good news! This is a planned feature that we've actively developed on. Please keep an eye on our https://www.ownerreservations.com/support/latestupdates change log!

(Posted Feb 3, 2022 1:06 PM)

Feature Requests » Automatic reviews for Airbnb?

Thanks. But, will the system automatically rotate through the templates, or are the multiple templates just for my convenience to manually select from? by /forums/users/347384195 Michael D – Jan 9, …

(Posted Jan 9, 2022 3:14 PM)

Blog Comments » Happy Holidays from OwnerRez! Some end of year presents - Automatic 5-Star Reviews, New Forums, SMS Brands, New Airbnb Fee Types

With the AirBNb automatic reviews settings "Any Notes Were Written" Can you confirm which notes field this is checking, is it only the guest CRM notes or does it check the booking notes as well??…

(Posted Dec 31, 2021 8:10 AM)