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Saved Filters in List View

Status: Requested 17 Votes
Michele W
Jan 9, 2022 11:52 AM
Joined Sep, 2018 47 posts

Using the "Booking", "List" feature comes with a very powerful "filter" option. I have used to filter many things, which is great! However, the "filter" doesnt keep its data very well once you click on one of the bookings you have filtered. Example: I filtered out all the bookings in December that did not leave a review. I clicked on a booking, sent them a templated email asking for a review. When you go back to the filtered list, your filter options are gone and/or sometimes the list reverts back to the default filters. Sooooooo it would be GREAT to have SAVED FILTERS. An expample would be the one I listes above. Filter all guest who stayed in a date range that did not leave a review. there are many other uses of saved filter, but you get the point. I have to say you guys CRUSH the updates and feature add ons and I commend you for this. THANKS Jim. 

Ozark Stays
Mar 15, 2023 2:01 PM
Joined Aug, 2020 19 posts

I agree 100%. As per the rest of the interface, not being able to have a saved filter is clunky and leads to additional time overhead for account users.

Val Rogers
Aug 16, 2023 10:43 AM
Joined Oct, 2016 33 posts

I use the Booking List view every day to filter for bookings that have not yet provided a copy of their ID and have not yet signed a rental agreement (2 actions using the report). Each time I have to set up the filters to see what I'm looking for I wish that it was possible to create a filter in the booking list view and be able to save it so that going forward I can just look at that report easily.

If all of us who use the booking list view regularly for things like this vote for this feature maybe it would get some attention.   :-)

Aug 24, 2023 7:53 PM
Joined Jun, 2018 109 posts

It is like saved reports.

Would be very helpful.

Shawn H
Oct 10, 2023 3:29 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2021 170 posts

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