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Apply discount specifically for discount alone

Status: Requested 2 Votes
Lucas P
May 26, 2023 12:36 PM
Joined Jul, 2021 1 post

Hi OR Team, we wanted to create a discount code specifically for rent and not based on the subtotal as of course we don't want to give a discount on cleaning fees as it all goes through our cleaners. I hope y'all can take action about this asap. Thanks!

6 days ago
Joined Jan, 2020 122 posts

If I'm understanding you correctly, you'd like to be able to create a discount code that applies a percentage discount to rent only. If so, I'm 100% with you there! I don't want the percentage discount to apply to cleaning fees, damage protection fees, or any other surcharges (pet fees, additional guests, etc.), but right now I have no choice but to allow it to.