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New Co-host listing - half integrations

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New Co-host listing - half integrations

Hoping someone can help me out -

I just linked a new co-host on Airbnb. The calendar came in to block what's already booked - but I'm not getting any client info in OR. Someone just did an instant book and that hit OR, along with a message from the guest. However all my dynamic pricing isn't showing on Airbnb, nor the guest info in OR for the previous bookings. It's like there's a half sync going on, not a full.

When I go into API/Airbnb - I see the listing and it says "not synced" - but when I go to the sync tab - there's no property there. Anyone know what step I've missed?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: New Co-host listing - half integrations

Please submit this question to the Helpdesk, and we'll look into your specific account to see what's going on.

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