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Emails going to spam

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Emails going to spam

Lately I have more and more occurrences when OR-generated emails end up in spam. I had several calls form renters saying they "did not receive" directions or door codes (which were sent on schedule). More often than not I ask them to look in spam folder and sure enough. They are there. I know nothing OR can do about spam settings but this makes SMS even more desirable.

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Emails going to spam

You need to use our Verified Email system. That doesn't 100% solve this problem but it generally helps. Please reach out to the helpdesk for assistance in getting this set up.

Misty T
Registered: 1/30/18
Re: Emails going to spam

I have had the same problem here recently. It seems to be with gmail accounts for me.

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