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Year calendar widget released

Hot on the heels of the rates widget, we have released another highly requested widget. Meet the 12 month calendar/year calendar widget:

You can add this to your account in the Settings > Widgets section, by clicking Create Widget and selecting Year Calendar Widget.

We're now up to four different calendar widgets. Here's a refresher on the other three...

Month Calendar

Three Month Calendar

Ribbon Calendar

We've also got several other announcements queued for later this week and next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

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2 Comments (add yours)

Feb 26, 17
5:34 pm
Melissa P says:

Just want to say "thank you"! The 12 month calendar looks amazing!

Feb 27, 17
12:42 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Love it, already included in the site!

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