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Rates, tables everywhere!

Folks have been asking for a rates widget for a long, long time. Now it is finally here. Go into Settings > Widgets (under the Integrations section). Click "Create Widget" and pick "Rates (Single Property)" at the bottom of the menu. Voila:

This is based on rates we added in other locations during the last release. First, we added rates (and other rollup info based on your listing data) inside each property on the info page:

We also added a rates table to hosted websites:

Initially, this shows rates only -- no surcharges, taxes, addons etc. We will be adding those in future.

If there's anything else you'd like to see in the rates widget, let us know!

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8 Comments (add yours)

Feb 18, 17
12:48 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Yessssss! let me try it out!

Feb 18, 17
1:40 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Here is is http://smoky-mountains-cabin.com/rates-appalachian-escape

Feb 18, 17
4:21 pm
ShenRent says:

Awesome! Love the turnaround

Feb 18, 17
6:33 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

still need to do the 2nd property, but this was easy

Feb 19, 17
5:14 pm
Chris Hynes says:


Jul 18, 17
1:41 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

I just noticed that rate widget does not seem to be scaling correctly on mobile - the weekly rates column is cut off. I have Android galaxy S5. Night, week night and weekend night are showing fine. Just not the weekly rate column.

Jul 18, 17
6:19 pm
Chris Hynes says:

That's a good point... there's not really enough room on mobile portrait to do a "table".

Have a look now -- we added a mode where it goes vertical inside one cell instead of horizontal cells if the page is small.

Also noticed something on the page seems to be cutting off the bottom of the widget.

Jul 18, 17
8:44 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Much better, thank you

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