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Great Software, Great Price, Great Support - What's Not to Love?

They are just an overall complete solution... Great Price, Great Support, Great Feature set. I wish I would have found them before I made the mistake that cost me thousands of dollars in implementation costs and improperly collected (ie not collected) taxes.


OwnerRez is full featured Property Management software. Our goal when embarking on the journey of finding a solution was to be as hands off as we could be. With OwnerRez someone can book a property, pay online, receive all communications needed for arrival, have door locks added to the appropriate home automation system and have the cleaning scheduled. (Granted there are some 3rd party integrations here but the integrations are so solid that we don't have to worry about them) OwnerRez is easy to use. The database is built in a way that it is fully relational. You can look at a guest, see all of their bookings, click on the booking and have all relevant data including communications to/from the guest right there at your finger tips. Support with OwnerRez is top notch. I've never talked with them on the phone but their email response times are exceptional and their solutions detailed and comprehensive. You do not have an "expensive" onboarding team to walk you through step by step... but with OwnerRez we didn't need it. Watched a couple of videos, followed some checklists and we were up and running in a matter of a week. We spent 5 weeks with another solution and when it came time to go live we had one OTA connected and it was not calculating tax correctly. Literally we had all OTAs connected to OwnerRez in a week and were managing our complete portfolio with virtually no hiccups.


OwnerRez is extremely feature rich. I wanted a single solution for all aspects of our business but ultimately I have decided to let the experts in Housekeeping and Guest Portals do what they do best and just integrate to OwnerRez. Perhaps someday they will add that functionality.

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