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Vacation Rental - Customer Service

We recommend OwnerRez to other vacation rental hosts who use multiple booking platforms.


It can grow with us a vacation rental business. We currently do not accept direct payments or have our own website, but we can expand to those when we are ready. We can post and coordinate multiple channels. We can share several calendars with our cleaners and maintenance contractors in an easy calendar format.


The initial setup is cumbersome. OwnerRez is a powerful software that must be set up correctly from the initial posting of your vacation rental. We decided to pay OwnerRez for additional support. We recommend that step for new users. It helped us to understand the full capabilities and scope of the software. The customer service is quick, responsive, and informative, and will work with you to get creative solutions. However, you cannot speak with someone on the phone. It must be done via email which is slower for quick questions.

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