Experience the difference of "Elite".

Dont Sleep on OwnerRez. Highly recommend.

I couldn't be happier. It's a great product with great customer support at a fair price. To me, this is a must-have as a vacation rental operator.


I have yet to find a feature that's "missing" from OwnerRez. Everyday it feels like I find a new feature and/or use for the software. It really does everything I need it to with other features that I didn't even know I'd want until I discovered and used them. Their customer service is absolutely wonderful. Every question asked is responded to quickly and in detail.

Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: A recommendation from a friend who tried a bunch of options and said that appearances are deceiving and OwnerRez was the sleeper pick.


It's ugly. Truly this is a non-issue as a user, and one that shouldn't stop anyone from selecting OwnerRez to manage their vacation rentals. But the marketer in me knows that if this software was a little more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, they'd secure more new users.

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