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Best Software for Property Management

Honestly the support is what kept me after the trial!

First and foremost the Direct Booking Widgets and Websites are what drew me in originally. Allowing users to embed widgets without prompting the guest to change sites, OwnerRez was the only software I found that allowed this. Moving forward I love that I'm able to Managing multiple listings for the properties while being able to use one platform for everything, rental agreements, house rules, etc..

I need to touch base in regards to their Rent Cancellation/Travel Protection + Damage Protection all of which are optional choices for guest during the booking process.

There are so many benefits to using OwnerRez.

Ken & Chris have offered awesome support no matter the issue. Just yesterday I think I emailed them 5 or 6 times and even more today. They are quick with response!!


Look no further. Set aside all the benefits. Think only of the support you'd need. Knowing they are 100% on their game. OwnerRez is the ONLY WAY TO GO!!


I tell ya, I haven't found one thing I dislike.

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