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Report - Total Amount Charged Per Night

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Registered: 7/12/16
Report - Total Amount Charged Per Night

It would be awesome to have a report that would show which night was booked in the past and for how much - it would give us a nice overview and help us to set prices for the future.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Report - Total Amount Charged Per Night

Hmm, that's an interesting idea, sort of similar to the occupancy report. Do you have an example you've seen?

A lot of questions in the details of what would be the best information ... How would it break down the amount? Is it showing average per period, like month or week or year? If so, how do unoccupied nights factor in? Or would it be better to show a calendar view where you see a cell for each night, with a value only if it was rented. Rent only or including surcharges and taxes?

Registered: 7/12/16
Re: Report - Total Amount Charged Per Night

I imagine it as a column graph.

For example, if a reservation was made for 10.01.2017 - 10.04.2017 for $900, it would show the average price per night:

10.01.2017 $300
10.02.2017 $300
10.03.2017 $300

and then, let's say it was not rented for two days, so it would show $0.

10.04.2017 $0
10.05.2017 $0

It could also show years in different colors so would see not just 10.01.2017, but also 10.01.2016 and 10.01.2015 and be able to easily compare the rates it was rented for or see if it was not rented and evaluate your performance.

I would use it as a guide to set up future prices.

Calendar view is also interesting idea.

Rent only.

Thank you, Chris. You guys are amazing!

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