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Price freeze upon inquiry

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Brandon B
Aug 3, 2022 11:38 AM
Joined Jun, 2021 16 posts


I have OR integrated with Pricelabs and I'm curious if there is any setting within OR (or PL if somebody knows) where the following can occur:


  1. Pricelabs feature of "Last Minute Price" is enabled on a Gradual scale (i.e. prices automatically come down $x or x% as potential booking dates get closer)
  2. Inquiry comes in from a potential guest
  3. OR "senses" the inquiry and "locks" in current prices
  4. Potential guest takes at least 24 or 48 hrs to book but instead of getting the original "inquired" price they are getting the newly "decreased" price from the "Last Minute Pricing" feature price decrease

I suppose this feature is NOT needed if they act on their original inquiry within 24 hrs or some amount of time thereafter or if the inquiry is ONLY good for that day.

Intent here is for guests to book on rates that they were first interested in, not near future discounted rates.



Ken T
Aug 3, 2022 6:32 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1321 posts

The short answer is "yes, sort of."

Inquiries in and of themselves don't mean much.  In most cases, when a guest makes an inquiry, the proper response is to send them back a quote.  If they're doing Instant Book on your website or you have an Autoresponder set up, that'll happen automatically for direct bookings; the listing channels handle things their own way, but in a generally similar fashion.

Once the quote is created, it doesn't matter if the underlying rates change - the quote itself won't be automatically updated.  If the guest chooses to book it, they'll pay whatever was included in the quote at the time it was made.

Of course, nothing prevents the guest from going back to your website and making another inquiry for the same rate - in that case, they'd get an updated quote, which could potentially be cheaper, and they can book that instead.