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Content Changing Tags to reduce number of templates

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Sep 19, 2022 4:04 AM
Joined Jan, 2020 45 posts

I don’t like to have more templates than necessary,

And for guests that have my “SuperGuest” tag, I may wish to change a small section/paragraph of content in my template, rather than creating another template and having to edit existing triggers. Small example: “Welcome back {CFIRST}” instead of “Dear {CFIRST} for untagged guests.

So could it be possible to “tag” sections of content in a template that would change based on a customers profile being tagged?

Another example would be that I’ve tagged my guest with “Badguest” so the check-out email might not ask them for a review/thank them etc, but I wouldn’t want to clutter things with an additional template just for that.

This would keep things much neater with templates and triggers if content was interchangeable based on tags.

I heard that you are working on the tags at the moment so just wanted to give you some food for thought.


Sep 19, 2022 11:50 AM
Joined Jan, 2020 140 posts

Love this!! It's an even better idea than my request for a trigger filter for repeat guests and would have even broader applicability!