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Collect reviews for a property without a booking

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Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Collect reviews for a property without a booking

Currently, OwnerRez associates all reviews with a specific booking. Of course they are also associated with a property, since a booking is in a property, but there isn't any way to just write a review of a property without being connected to a specific booking.

Would it be useful to add this ability? A client suggested the idea of creating a static link for leaving a review for a specific property, to use in a QR code posted in the property on a sign "Review us now!" As a printed sign, it couldn't be associated with a specific booking, just the property in general.

Registered: 5/28/20
Re: Collect reviews for a property without a booking

Ideally a static link for a review could be applied for multiple purposes as linking to a QR code which could be placed around the property or simply in our case - making a door hanger with "These cleaning practices are applied. Leave a feedback on .. QR code.

Since the "wow" factor of the guest is at the top of entering, further steps could be taken as "Scan this to connect to WiFi" with 301 redirect to "How do you like us so far".. options would be endless.

A guest can't imagine how important a couple of words can be to a owner or a PM, scenarios triggering a template 1 day after departure results in minimum feedback; people are tired, willing to go home as may be thinking "We'll go there again anyway" when seeing this trigger.

Static links will check for date of creation, ideally a "What's your name" , phone, email would be optional - if a booking comes from a proxy email it would store it to that contact.

Additionally 1 review p/IP p/day.. since we already know that the guest is connected to the host network, thus making moderation simple.

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