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Cleaner language on surcharge descriptions.

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Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Reply: Jun 7, 2021 3:13 PM by: Chris Hynes
Fun Coast Rental
Registered: 12/30/20
Cleaner language on surcharge descriptions.

For example my $120 cleaning fee surcharge description displays on some API connected channels (HomeToGo) as "Cleaning fee based on $120" when the actual amount charged has been bumped up with the rate adjustment and is higher than the $120. It would be cleaner to just send "Cleaning Fee" as the charge description; without including the amount. Same with pet fee: "xxx Per Pet Up to 1" should just be "Pet Fee" on the API channels that display the description the same as OR.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Cleaner language on surcharge descriptions.

To fix this, go to the surcharge settings and uncheck the "auto-generate the surcharge description" setting under the Options area.

We'll also look into the rate adjustment option as well -- that should definitely factor into the description if you do have the full description showing.

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