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I am now trying to work my templates and triggers.

But I am baffled that triggers don't seem to let me work with the existing templates?

1) I am here: https://secure.ownerreservations.com/triggers/add

2) I am trying to send the "Send Review Request To Guest" email template 1 day after "Booking Has Departed"

3) But that template not available in dropdown and screen says "Only custom booking templates in the email template settings can be sent by this type of trigger"

How do we time the sending of an email like this? It certainly doesn't seem to have a built in time... Am I missing something major for triggers for your predefined email templates???

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Triggers?

You have to create a custom template for the trigger to send. Just create a new custom template and copy/paste the same content from the "Send Review Request to Guest" system template. You can see what the content is for that by clicking Create Template next to the system template (but not saving it).

Registered: 6/25/18
Re: Triggers?

How do you make the default (non custom) templates work? As in going out when something happens?

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Triggers?

The default templates will go out automatically when the related event happens, like a payment receipt will be sent for payment or a booking confirmation will be sent when a direct booking is made.

Is there a specific one you have questions about the description on when it is sent?

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