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Setting up Stripe Account

Becky G
Jan 4, 2020 2:33 PM
Joined Nov, 2019 29 posts

I live in Canada and my rental property is in the US, so I would like to set up a US Stripe account, but they won't accept my home address or phone number. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it?

Chris Hynes
Jan 4, 2020 4:35 PM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1396 posts

What if you put in the property's address and phone number? They are likely validating for some sort of US nexus on the address check.

Becky G
Jan 4, 2020 5:10 PM
Joined Nov, 2019 29 posts

I’m okay to do this but I don’t want the rental property’s phone number being used as a contact since it would be a guest answering.