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Report for Showing Empty Units

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Stacie S
Registered: 3/31/19
Report for Showing Empty Units

We use the daily checklist for our cleaning staff, building managers, inspectors, etc. It would be useful to have a option to select "vacant rentals." This would allow us to easily see which units we can get into for maintenance issues, delivering product, deep cleans, etc. Even better would be if we could do a date range...then we could see the entire week which rentals are not occupied on certain days and schedule what is needed. Thanks!

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Report for Showing Empty Units

An empty unit report is a great idea!

Right now the only way to do that is not a report, but you can come in to the ribbon calendar and filter under the property section for available dates. That will hide any properties that are not available.

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