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Messages and different channels

Glenn Moore
Jun 20, 2022 9:13 AM
Joined Nov, 2012 72 posts

Hi, one thing I really like about OwnerRez is the messaging system.  It does a good job with triggers and it has been at the core of my use for many years.  I have listings on several different sites (Airbnb, VRBO, personal) as per the channel management system in OR

The addition of a whole different messaging system - such as Airbnb is nice, however, I have been forced to create new versions of my messages for that channel.  Although a bit of a pain, I created carbon copies (or close to) of all my messages.  I then use a small numbering system such as  ‘2a – Welcome to renters (email template)’ for rentals through my personal site, and ‘2b – Welcome to renters (Airbnb template)’ for renters through the Airbnb site, etc. I then use a condition based on the channel (as well as several other conditions) to trigger the message or not.  I am assuming that this is the best way to do this.

However, before separate channels, I used to go to the messages tab for a booking and see all the messages valid for the booking and when they were sent.  Now I see all possible messages (eg 2a, 2b, etc…).  Granted if the message is not relevant to the channel, then the trigger condition indicates that it will not be sent.   So everything works but it is so much harder to ensure all messages were sent out.  (ie. The date and channel are not the only things triggers are based on).

Is there a way to have OR present the messages tab for a booking and only show the queued messages relevant to the channel?  For example, instead of seeing ‘2a – Welcome to renters (email template)’ (will not send) and ‘2b – Welcome to renters (Airbnb template)’ (will be sent on Aug 28), I would only see the ‘2b’ message, not the ‘2a’ message that is meaningless to me for this booking.

Just wondering if I am doing something wrong here?  Has anyone a better way to do this?