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Credit Card processors

Feb 9, 2021 11:23 PM
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Clear View Merchant Consulting came to see us yesterday with a unique CC processing system. They offered to charge us a flat fee of $45/month for processing. The actual CC fee is passed on to the card holder as a fee (convenience, processing, reservations, etc.). When I asked what is the percentage being passed on they said about 5% (kinda high). They also said they integrate with OwnerRez but I didn't see ClearView as an integrated payment processor. Anyone have experience with ClearView or a similar system. TIA!

Ken T
Feb 9, 2021 11:29 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1325 posts

I'd double-check on that with them. We don't have any specific integration, but that doesn't mean they can't be used - we integrate with Authorize.net which is used by thousands of banks.

My concern is, our interface doesn't support that type of "surcharging." If they add the fee to the client, then there isn't any way for it to be displayed or disclosed to the client. If you tell them the price is $1000, you'll charge $1,000, and OwnerRez will send them a receipt for $1,000 - but their credit card bill will show a charge for $1,050 because the processor tacked their fees on top. This might lead to issues down the road.

Feb 9, 2021 11:35 PM
Joined Nov, 2019 54 posts

Thanks Ken, I'll follow up via email