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Brief Overview of Spot Rates (import/view/manage/push to VRBO)

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Rich S
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Brief Overview of Spot Rates (import/view/manage/push to VRBO)

Since the good folks at OR added the ability to import Spot Rates (at exactly the time I needed it ;-)) I figured I'd write up a brief tutorial

Two methods for setting nightly rates
- Rates/Seasons - better when you are using predictable rates for periods
- Spot Rates - perfect for varying the rate every day. Can only have one spot rate for a given date

IMPORTING (to OwnerRez)
Navigate to Tools/ImportExport
- Import Rates/Seasons
- Import Spot Rates (can set the minimum reqd nights for each date!!)

EDITING (in OwnerRez)
Both kinds of rates can be viewed/filtered/cleared
- Settings/Spot Rates
- Settings/Season Rates

VIEWING (in OwnerRez)
Tools/Rate Checker
- offers a nice way to see all rates that exist inside OR

Settings/Channel Connections/VRBO/Actions/Push Rates
- Before clicking Push Rates, click on 'See details' and 'Set push options'

Why is this so valuable? Well, while it's pretty easy (and feels safe) to update nightly rates directly in VRBO, it can be cumbersome. And after you are done you have no record of what rates you have set. Come back in 4 weeks and you'll wonder why a given night is set to a given rate. Especially for minimum nights, it's very hard to see these settings within VRBO unless you click multiple times on each date. And next year you don't have an easy starting point of comparison for setting next season's rates.

Maintaining your own spreadsheet of rates is also very helpful if you are checking competitive rates from other people's VRBO's. For my case I have various 'competitors' and by comparing those individual owners along with a few management companies I find useful info about when they bump up rates for holidays, and how they vary min nights across them.

Maintaining a spreadsheet won't work for everyone since it requires a comfort level with Excel, but not really all that much.

In any case, thanks to the team at Owner Rez, I'm a very happy owner right now !!

Chris Hynes
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Re: Brief Overview of Spot Rates (import/view/manage/push to VRBO)

Awesome, thanks! Spreadsheet updates are cool because it's an easy way to set your own rules based on formulas.

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