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booking process custom fields problem

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booking process custom fields problem

I have a required "custom field" that must be filled out by the guest during checkout. I ask for names and ages of all guests, and this information then gets populated into the rental agreement. The problem is If a guest simply puts ANY information (ie their phone number) in the box it will accept the filed as complete and allow the booking to be finalized.

My question is, when this happens, what do I send to the guest to allow them to redo this section with the correct information (names and ages), and will it then create a new rental agreement with the updated and correct information?

The only thing I can think of now is to cancel the booking, allow them to re-book, and remind them to correctly fill out the box when they do. The problem with this is that the initial credit card transaction (25% of total booking cost) will have already been charged, and if I cancel the booking it will cancel the charge, yet I'll end up "eating" the processing fees.

Ken T
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Re: booking process custom fields problem

Go into the Booking, Legal tab, and use the Request dropdown button to ask for a new rental agreement. They'll be given the same opportunity to enter their information and custom fields, and can correct/update it as necessary. Then, that'll be used in the new agreement presented to them.

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