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Automatic emails/triggers additional settings

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Automatic emails/triggers additional settings

Hi there,
I'm wondering if you are planning on implementing a bit more detailed settings for triggers. Emails are sent right before 4 a.m., after 3 a.m. eatern time with the current settings and don't work very well for me.
Having either specific hours or at least windows of hours would be a lot better.
Case example: I have an automatic email to be sent a day prior to departure with certain reminders about check out. It would be nice if that email arrived sometime in the afternoon, not the moment the guests wakes up.
Guests staying only two nights receive this email right after spending the night and I think that's a bit too early. Sending in the morning of check out however it's a little bit too late for me.
Thank you for consideration.

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Automatic emails/triggers additional settings

Good morning Ella,

That's a great question. Yes, we are expanding triggers - we have a number of development updates coming there, but most of them are on the criteria side. For instance, increasing the type of events for when triggers are sent or which bookings/quotes qualify.

At the moment, we don't have any updates planned for sending it during certain hours or specifying the time zone to be sent in. However, that's a really great idea. I can see how that could be frustrating for you depending on where in the world you're sending from. And it's true that some types of trigger emails may be better received by the guest later in the day or even in the evening.


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