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Ascent vs Stripe CC processor

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Ascent vs Stripe CC processor

Hello all, I've been using Ascent now for a few months (simply at the recommendation of OR), and have been less than impressed with them, mainly (but not solely) due to the fees they charge. After all is said and done they are keeping over 4% of my total transaction amounts each month. It is my understanding that Stripe charges only a 3% flat fee... can anyone using either Stripe or Ascent chime in and let me know if your experiences have been similar?

Ken T
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Re: Ascent vs Stripe CC processor

That seems a bit on the high side for Ascent, from our experience. Perhaps there are financial issues that raise your rates - have you asked Ascent why their rates are so high, point-blank? They're usually willing to negotiate, or at least explain.

Failing that, we support a great many other processors that you can talk to:



And in most cases, changing processors is not terribly hard:


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