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Webinar 11/7: Focus Session - Rental Agreements

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On Tuesday, 11/7, join Ryan Collins as he discusses everything you need to know about Rental Agreements.

We'll cover how to modify the default agreement, use custom fields, upload an existing agreement, have guests sign more than one agreement, and more!

The session starts at 2:00 pm Eastern, 11:00 am Pacific. It is free to join, but you need to use the sign-up for OwnerRez Focus Session - Rental Agreements link to register.

You can find all of our past and future webinars on our Webinars page.

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Scott J
Oct 31, 2023 4:12 PM
Joined Mar, 2019 132 posts

I may not be able to attend this, so I may need to watch the replay.

So please include details on how to include where guests can initial next to specific provisions and how to provide for them to upload their IDs.