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Transition to RentalGuardian will go live on Monday Nov 18

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that our Damage Protection program is changing - we've talked about it on our blog and emailed users directly.  If this is the first time emerging from your rock, take a second to go read those articles. 😀

We wanted to announce that the transition to RentalGuardian will be complete on Monday November 18.

As mentioned previously, you do not need to do anything or confirm anything during the transition.  The system will take care of that for you.  If you want to confirm, look at new bookings that are created after the transition date and make sure that Damage Protection is still showing on those bookings.  You can also watch the Insurance Detail report.

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Dec 6, 19
12:27 pm
Marcy B says:

I see that this new carrier will only cover reservations of 30 days of less. What are we supposed to do with snowbirds that stay 60 days?


Dec 8, 19
6:30 pm
Chris Hynes says:

We're working with RentalGuardian on getting an answer on the 30+ day bookings.

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