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Some Friday News - Love 4 Guests, The #DirectBooking Surge, What's Up with FL?

Happy Friday everyone!  In many places around the world, bookings are surging back strong and we're glad to see it.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the To Guests, With Love campaign. 💓 Great video from vacation rental leaders around the globe.  OwnerRez was a sponsor on it (which basically means we went "that's awesome, please put our logo on it too"), but many others did the heavy lifting.

Most of you already support the #DirectBooking movement.  Looks like COVID has kicked that into overdrive.  CNBC talks about how Airbnb hosts are building their own booking websites in revolt.  By the way, have you ever noticed how the press always refers to all VR people as "Airbnb hosts"?  HomeAway's gotta love that.

We're keeping our eye on Florida vacation rentals. Very strange that hotels are allowed to operate but short-term rentals aren't??  There's a lot of very upset people wondering the same thing.  Lawyers are having a field day.

Speaking of lawsuits, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Stays-At-Home orders are unlawful.  It will be interesting to see the implication of this with other states.  Monkey see, monkey do?  Or the normal heavily-politicized angry name-calling that happens instead.

Have a great sunny May weekend! 🌞

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3 Comments (add yours)

May 18, 20
3:18 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Not really, sadly. mostly non converting inquires form discount seekers

May 18, 20
3:28 pm
Paul W says:

Sorry to hear that, BlueMtn. Our stats show huge surges across the board. In fact, we've had record days lately in several booking categories - with specific channels and types of bookings, not everything. Of course different markets will be different. Hopefully you get going soon!

May 18, 20
3:45 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

fair number of inquiries. But in our market panicked owners dropped rates too low and now travelers expect luxury 5 bd homes for a rate close to a 3* motel room. Until this turmoil settles, who knows. Luckily I am in a position not to have to drastically drop rates. rates that are too low for property size/type tend to bring undesirable, disrespectful and even destructive guests in our market ( I know, all these pricing tools think that you should not have a Min price, but that is not worth it).

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