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New Update (0.7.3) Released - Finalized Login & Other Tweaks

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In the last release, we updated the application login pages to use a newer design which would allow us unify all the user accounts between the website and application. This release finalizes the other half of that.

If you're logged into the application and you navigate back to the website - say to post something on the forums or ask a question - you'll notice that you'll still be logged in with the same name and email address that are associated to your account. To change your name or email address, use the Update Profile area in the application.

There is no longer any "community" login or user pages. For community-only users, which are users that have not yet used our core service but have created a community account for using the forum, your community account has been merged into the application so you can continue using the same login information. If you need to change your forum display name, you can use the Update Profile area of the application to do that. Even though this means that community-only users now have a full owner account, they are under no obligation to use or pay for the system. Future payments will be tied to the number of properties a user has created.

If you're logged into your account (you can tell by the wording that is displayed under the 800 number at the top), a "logout" link will appear in the bottom footer links, in the Privacy & Security area, on every page of the site. By clicking this link, you will be logged out. Again, since the application and website now share a unified login system, this will log you out of both sides.

Other Tweaks

We also included a number of small fixes and enhancements with this release. Here are some of those:

  • You can now get our blog posts by email. On the right side of the blog, there is a new email option in the Get Blog Posts box.
  • Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On the right side of the blog, under the Latest Posts, we have placed a couple of prominent (but hopefully not obtrusive) icons for where you can find us on those sites.
  • The Overview and Policy links on the Add Ons page have been fixed. Previously, those links were pointing to old information.
  • To avoid confusion, the header on the Forum pages now uses the same design that the rest of the site uses.

This release, in its entirety, was the result of feedback from our beta users. Please continue to tell us what you like, dislike or don't care about. We really listen to you.

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