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New Update (0.7.2) Released - Enhanced Login & Registration Page

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Last night, we released an update that changed the login, register and reset-password pages; and fixed several minor bugs.

Changes to the Login, Register, Reset Stuff

Besides tweaking the design on the login pages to match previous updates, the login pages now uses a uniform login process that combines the application and website.

To simplify, after the next release (0.7.3) users will have one login that controls both their owner account and community account. They will no longer be separate entities. For example, if you've already signed in to the forum to leave a comment, you will be able to move right into your owner area without having to go through a second login area.

The previous Forgot Password page has been replaced by a new Reset Password page that emails you a reset link. This is a safer and easier way to reset your password because it means that if someone else triggers a reset on your password, on purpose or by accident, you don't have to go through the bother of having to correct it.

Links Fixed

The Terms of Service, shown on the new user registration page, had some links pointing off to Never Never Land. Those have been fixed.

"Waiting" Image Fixed for Chrome and Safari

When you click to save something in OwnerRez, you may have noticed a blue and white image that displays while the application is processing. Or maybe you didn't notice because you were using Chrome or Safari. There was a bug preventing Chrome and Safari users from seeing the image that has now been fixed.