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FlipKey inquiry parsing

You may have noticed that some of your inquiries from FlipKey have come in as "unrecognized email" over the past week or two.  This is due to some changes FlipKey made in the message format.  We released a patch to fix it last week.  A change occurred again last night, so this morning we just released a patch that fixes it again.  Please let us know if you continue seeing any issues with FlipKey inquiry emails or receive more "unrecognized email" alerts.

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May 31, 14
5:59 pm
Marinas Edge says:

I just set up a flipkey account and it came through as unrecognized email. Did they change something again?

Jun 2, 14
9:32 am
Michelle J says:

They might have, yes. FlipKey has been in a state of flux on their inquiry style and 'book now' program over the past 6 to 8 months. Can you forward the original email you received to our dev@ group? They might have made your new listing part of the 'book now' program which means you can't see or answer guests directly until they book, and you have to log in to respond.


Jun 2, 14
4:29 pm
Marinas Edge says:

Great. I just forwarded it to you.


Jun 2, 14
8:28 pm
Chris Hynes says:

That looks like it's a reminder about a previous inquiry, not an actual inquiry. The email's in a different format from the standard inquiry. It says, "You haven't responded to this inquiry" etc. etc.

Did the original inquiry come through correctly?

Jun 3, 14
12:48 am
Marinas Edge says:

I just re-sent what I believe is the original

Jun 12, 14
2:43 pm
Marinas Edge says:

Any luck on this?

Jun 18, 14
9:05 pm
Chris Hynes says:

I've looked through your account and several other test accounts we use and haven't been able to reproduce the problem with the FlipKey emails.

Have you seen any other unrecognized inquiries come in or was it just this one? It's possible that there was a momentary corruption issue on FlipKey's end that's now fixed.

Can you send a couple more test inquiries through to I can see if the problem still exists?

Jun 20, 14
12:01 am
Marinas Edge says:

Ive sent 3 different inquiries today, all still come through as unrecognized emails.

Jun 20, 14
2:52 pm
Chris Hynes says:

I see those emails coming in. I think I know what's going on now.

Were you recently converted to the FlipKey payments system? Once that happens, FlipKey will block all contact info for the guest until after the guest pays you through FlipKey. They do this to make sure that the guest pays through FlipKey payments and they get their fee, rather than allowing you to process the booking through your own merchant account.

FlipKey also sends emails in a different format that doesn't include contact info, so we can't pull that info out to populate an inquiry.

I'd recommend contacting FlipKey and requesting that they turn off FlipKey payments for your account if you want to get contact info and process the payment yourself.

We do have some work on the roadmap to add integration for systems like FlipKey and AirBNB that will track inquiries and calendar blocks even if OwnerRez isn't processing the payment, but that's a few months out yet.

Jun 20, 14
5:50 pm
Marinas Edge says:

That makes a lot of sense. I actually set up my account and they defaulted to allowing FlipKey payments, and I can't figure out how to turn it off.

I'll contact them!


Jun 20, 14
5:54 pm
Marinas Edge says:

Looks like FlipKey has disabled the ability to bypass their booking system.



Jun 21, 14
9:46 am
Chris Hynes says:

Looks like they grandfathered in old plans: http://help.flipkey.com/hc/en-us/articles/200903347-Subscription-Pricing, but it sounds like yours is new?

Jul 1, 14
2:14 pm
Marinas Edge says:

Yeah, mine is new. Thanks for all your help!

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