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About Travel Guard, our travel insurance provider

We here at OwnerRez have always prided ourselves on being kind and thorough with our customers.  Every customer service request is not only fielded quickly, but in way that covers every part of the problem.  Our goal is not only to get answers out quickly, but to provide comprehensive information.  We don't want you to have to ask a third or fourth question because our original explanation is too brief.

Get-it-off-my-plate responses from customer service have always been a personal pet peeve of mine.

While designing our new travel insurance feature, we spent a good amount of time evaluating insurance companies.

We looked specifically for a provider that would treat us like we treat our customers: kind and thorough.

When your guest needs to cancel their booking because of a medical problem, we want the claim process to be easy and straightforward.  We expect the person on the other end of the phone (at the insurance company) to care about the guest's problem and want to help, not throw up as much red tape as possible.

We also looked for a company whose sole focus is on travel insurance and travel related services.  We wanted specialists that really understood and cared about their product.

It didn't take long to find Travel Guard as the provider of choice.  Their staff was knowledgeable, helpful, kind and thorough.  We asked lots of questions and they bent over backwards to walk us through the details, even when we asked them multiple times.

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Several users have asked me about this so I wanted to be clear and transparent.  Our decision to use Travel Guard was based solely on them being the best travel insurance company that we could find.  We want our guests (and your guests) to have a solid travel insurance product that they can rely on.

To read more about Travel Guard, visit their web site directly, or ask us and we'll find the answer for you.

Use the links below to read more about their insurance product:

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