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Travel insurance has landed

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Yesterday, we released a major update that adds travel insurance to OwnerRez.

Your guests can now buy a travel insurance policy directly through the system at the same time they accept their quote.  It only takes one click of the mouse.

Also, on the owner side, you can purchase travel insurance on the guest's behalf just as easily as you collect a payment or reserve a security deposit for them.

The next time you generate a quote, look at the payment form and you'll notice a new option showing.

travel insurance option showing on quote payment form

On the quote email, you'll notice the same option.

travel insurance option showing on quote email

There's nothing you need to do to begin offering this option to guests.  By default, the option will appear on all new quotes you generate and the payment form will handle all the details.  Once purchased, the guest will receive a travel insurance policy directly from the carrier, Travel Guard, and all questions or claims will be handled directly by the carrier.  The guest will receive emails that explain the policy and phone numbers to call in the event they need to file a claim.  Again, no interaction or extra work is required on the part of the owner to facilitate this feature.