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Sticky filter settings for ribbon

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Rich S
Nov 25, 2019 10:30 AM
Joined Dec, 2018 301 posts

I **really** wish that I could permanently set the filters on the ribbon to reflect bookings which a) have an unsigned rental agreement and b) are not paid in full.

I'd gladly give up a little vertical space if the screen could highlight the ribbon settings, but I don't think I'd ever need to change it again. At a glance I always would like to know this information...

Seems like a tiny "sticky' checkbox next to each filter option would be workable...

I spent some more time thinking about this, here are some more details ....

==> the filter settings I'd probably use would be 'rental agreement signed==YES' and 'payment status == PAID IN FULL'

with these settings, any booking in the ribbon would be shaded/transparent if either of the filters (or both) are not true.

Now the next step would be to figure out why a booking is shaded....

not-paid-in-full: Currently when hovering over a booking I can see unpaid amounts, which is nice, but would be better if the unpaid amount was highlighted in red. Otherwise takes two mouse clicks, one to open the booking, then a 2nd to reach transactions where the guest balance is highlighted in red.

rental-agreement-unsigned: Currently the only way to see this is two mouse clicks, one to open the booking and then a second to reach legal. But on that page there isn't any obvious way to know the agreement isn't signed because the screen is blank. The absence of an agreement is my only clue

SUMMARY - sticky filter settings is nice because it at least gives an alert that something is wrong. Figuring out what is somewhat difficult. Obviously as I'm writing this my brain knows exactly what to do, but over time we all forget little things that require thinking like this, and very specific navigational paths used only once a month are easily forgotten. The real solution I'm looking for is an easy way to never overlook either unpaid payments or unsigned rental agreements. I currently have emails sent to myself for unsigned RAs but it's kind of awkward because I can't build a trigger that looks every day at these things and keeps sending an email. I needed multiple triggers and had to choose specific points in time... Overall I think just about every OR user has the same desire to have an easy way to not overlook these things, with the minimum amount of work/mouse clicks.

I just looked at my triggers for checking for unsigned RAs and I have 3 which are set 10 days, 2 days and 1 day before arrival date. These are just a safety net in case I've every completely lost track of an unsigned RA. Obviously I want to get the RA signed close to booking-created, but I don't want even more triggers.... And if I want to add more triggers for unpaid status, I end up with an even larger number of triggers... Surely there is an easier way to tackle this that would be more accessible to all OR users !!