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Owner Self-Onboarding // Owner generated property listings!

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Arrive and Thriv
Sep 1, 2023 12:14 PM
Joined Aug, 2020 33 posts

Something that would be hugely helpful for scaling management would be the ability for owners to input as much information about their listing as possible directly into OwnerRez, saving countless hours of back and forth questions and calls between the Property Manager and the Owner.

This could be achieved two separate ways:

1.)  A landing page which asks every question imaginable that an owner could answer and a PM could port into a new listing


2.)  Owner access (restricted or temporary) directly to the backend listing portal.  This would allow owners to take their time and make sure all of the details are filled in, and then the PM could restrict their access after it’s been initially set up.  

Who else wants to work smarter?  Lets get this in motion!  Thanks OR team!

Patricia Knight
Sep 13, 2023 5:56 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 14 posts

I do something similar through another program I use for having my Clients/Homeowners sign my Contract for service, etc. There is a Questionnaire I created for the Homeowners to complete and it has all the questions about the property I need from them. I then copy and paste that information into Owner Rez.

However, I can see the time saved even with copying and pasting if the Homeowners could complete this questionnaire in OR. Perhaps something similar to the Legal Docs we can generate automatically for guests to complete for every reservation. We could add them in as Owners like we normally do and then send them a legal doc attached to their property to complete, etc.