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Notes section

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Tufan B
Registered: 10/2/18
Notes section

I would like to suggest that when we put something to the notes section of a booking, that booking in the ribbon view has an indication that there is something entered on the notes. This could be a different type of cleaning request, or something about this guest, or a need to schedule payment ahead of time etc, in the notes. Which makes it easy to spot when looking at the ribbon calendar.
To be able to see that from the ribbon calendar helps with reminding the important note about the booking. It could be implemented by slightly changing the color, or highlighting the borders or a sign at the beginning of the text, or using a different script text etc. I see it very helpul. In my case, I am testing a new integration with a listing site, and I manually changed to accept only 25% of the booking, after the booking I went in and changed to accept 100% from the new guests. Now I need to remember to confirm that 75% will automatically be collected at the right time, so I put that in the notes, but to truly remember I need a visual in the ribbon view, so I can remember to look at the notes and take action.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: Notes section

Thanks for the suggestion, Tufan. Notes is an area we want to improve, and there are many things we'd like to do.

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