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Display statistical data like sum and average rate of selected days/rates

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Mar 20, 2021 12:13 PM
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In Settings/Pricing/Rates the rates of the current month are presented for inspection respectively modification by the user. If I select for example a week, the dialog shows me "7 rates selected" next to the "Clear Rates" button.

It would be very practical, if I could see next to the "7 rates selected" the sum of the selected rates (thus giving me the weekly rate) and the average rate of the selected one (important when comparing daily variable prices generated by PriceLabs to other portals where daily prices are constant over the week).

So the information displayed could look like "7 rates selected, sum = 3500, avg. rate = 500"

By the way: Pricelabs has such a feature and I find it very helpful.

The sum for the selected period could be also shown in the "Set Rates" dialog.