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Jennifer W
Oct 26, 2023 8:41 AM
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I am hoping to setup directbookingtools on my site which will show how much cheaper it is to book direct on my site. This should encourage people to stay on my website instead of looking at what Airbnb has.  It's so hard to get those Looky-Loos back.  
This year so far we had 75% direct bookings in July/Aug
57% direct bookings overall
But I want to ensure they stay on my site and I think this will definitely help improve our cart abandonment

Currently they can't do this

OwnerRez availability/price quote widget on your website is an external script that OwnerRez provides and it is placed inside of an iFrame on the property pages, so the dates and total price quotes that a website visitor is seeing on those property pages, are hidden from any third party scripts - thus the inability at this moment for us to be able to grab that information with our script and utilize this info to grab the corresponding total quotes from the OTAs.


Ideally it would be nice if OwnerRez could do this in a widget but in the time being Can we please please please at least get these "minor additions to their code"  that way myself and others could use a service like directbookingtools. It would make a huge difference for those "price shoppers" especially since many of us operate in countries in the beginnings of a recession, and where there is lots and lots of choice on Airbnb. If they've hit my website, I want them to stay on my website and book now.