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Allow triggers to function on bookings created prior to trigger

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Donaven B
Apr 20, 2023 4:58 PM
Joined Aug, 2022 24 posts

As we are constantly looking to improve our communications with vendors and guests... We have been updating templates and triggers...  I found out the hard way that "Unfortunately, , the system can only fire triggers on bookings which were created  the trigger was created. "  Even though when I look at the scheduled messages for a booking event, it shows that it will send, and indicate NO issues... but it does not fire even though it says it will and you are left wondering why... well we have tons of bookings that it won't work for with no fix, they just have to drop off eventually and somehow I'm suppose to remember which booking came in before which triggers were created!!  Yikes.  Sort of frustrating to only hit new bookings...   Anyone else benefit from triggers working on all bookings after they are set to active and the event occurs?