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Alarm.com integration

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Heroes Vacation
Mar 16, 2023 2:50 PM
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I’d like to see alarm.com integration for door locks. 

currently I create a 4 digit code for my guests and then open alarm.com and then add a new user along with check-in/out date/time,  then I set the code  to only work on the home alarm and front/back door locks. 


this is very similar to PointCentral, although i can login using my alarm.com credentials and see my property to assign in ownerrez it does not work with error


Error generating code: Request has EnterpriseCustomerIds, but selected customer ID 1XX23 is not in an enterprise


even though i can control my home through pointcentral they tell me that the API is different and my vendor (ie OR) needs to create integration in to alarm.com