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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Do you hate me yet? :(

How do I see the terms and conditions that the renter agreed upon? I tend to change my rental agreement, at times. I belong to a vacation rental forum and things come up, at times, that make me modify my agreement.

How do I see the one that was actually agreed upon, a the time they booked?


Michelle J
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Re: Terms and Conditions

Hate you?!? Oh please, you're nothing. I've had people ask the same type of questions and then get MAD at the answers and start arguing and being offensive. You've been great!

Answer: open the booking, click the Legal tab, click the Open Archived PDF button.

You can also use that area to send them a request to sign a new agreement. Or if you've entered the booking manually and they never signed on to begin with.

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